Transport & Logistics

Transportation and logistics insurance, including warehousing and 3PL, is an industry that inherently carries more risk than others.

Transporting third party goods around the world; relying on sub-contractors to cart your client’s goods between destinations; storing, often partially described or quantified goods, at your own depot; all combine to create a difficult environment to manage risk.

Whenever goods are moved between locations there is a risk that the goods are lost or damaged. A Transit Insurance policy provides protection if this occurs.

Our team specialise in adapting the insurance provisions to work with your risk management strategy. Target occupations for our services include:

  • Owner Drivers including trailer in control
  • 3PL Operators
  • Freight Forwarders

R&M understand the complexity of this industry and work with our clients to provide complete risk management and insurance solution.


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Transport & Logistics

General cover and inclusions

Each policy may vary slightly, although transport and logistics insurance cover generally include:

  • motor fleet including self-insurance programs if beneficial
  • Liability for road/rail transport, warehousing and freight forwarding services
  • ISR and property insurance including provision for customer goods where necessary
  • Marine transit and cargo Insurance and Logistics cover is essential for the protection of valuable import and export cargo

Transport & Logistics

Liability Considerations for the Transport and Logistics Industry

To ensure your transport and logistics operation has the necessary level of insurance it is important to understand the potential liabilities that are present in the industry. These include

  • Carriers Liability (cover against shipment loss, damage, and delay or goods transported)
  • WHS incidents and workers compensation management
  • Environmental protection and spill clean-up in the event of an incident
  • Theft and dishonest by employees
  • Contractual liabilities including downstream delay penalties