Cyber Insurance


This is our fastest growing product and possibly the most valuable. If you use the internet, this is for you. At some stage, you will be affected.

Trending analysis predict that 4 out of every 5 businesses will suffer a cyber-attack or data breach. Hackers are increasingly targeting small and medium-sized companies and causing extensive damage to computer networks and systems resulting in downtime, loss of business income, possible breach of privacy laws and repetitional damage.

Be assured that you are comprehensively covered by using the services of R&M for your Cyber Insurance placement. 

Key Features of our Cyber Insurance Cover can be tailored, but generally include:

  • Costs involved for repair and restoration of computer systems and networks
  • Financial loss associated with downtime due to cybercrime. This extends to loss of business income either as a result of your downtime or your suppliers downtime
  • Claims for compensation by third parties such as fines and/or penalties incurred
  • Notification costs to your affected clients
  • Cyber extortion costs
  • Credit and identity monitoring costs
  • Data restoration costs

R&M Insurance Brokers has team members specialising in Cyber Insurance Cover. We recommend you give this insurance special consideration due to the recent rise in the number and severity of cybercrime activity. Premiums are moderately priced.

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