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Home and Contents

Home and Contents Insurance provides protection for your buildings or contents. The Buildings component covers your residential buildings, their fixtures and fittings and any structural improvements. Contents Insurance covers household goods or personal effects you own that are not fixed to your buildings. You can choose to have a buildings policy, a contents policy or a combined buildings and contents policy.

Included in a Home and Contents Insurance Policy can also be protection for your Personal Valuables away from your home to anywhere in Australia and the World. Valuables include items such as jewellery and watches, items that contain gold or silver, furs, stamp collections and battery powered items.

There are commonly two levels of cover available:

  • Defined Events; and
  • Accidental Damage.


Defined Events is generally the less expensive option and covers your buildings or contents for loss or damage as a result of any listed event. Some of the listed events covered include accidental breakage, burglary, burning out of an electric motor, earthquake or tsunami, fire or explosion, impact damage, landslide or subsidence, lightning, storm, flood, rainwater or wind, theft, vandalism and water damage.


Accidental Damage cover provides a greater level of cover for your buildings and contents. In addition to the listed events covered in a Defined Events policy, it also covers you for any accidental loss or damage to your buildings and contents.

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