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R&M Insurance Brokers is a family owned business, offering specialist and boutique insurance services. We don’t pretend to be everything to everyone. R&M has driven its success by servicing clients who have specialist insurance requirements and expectations. These are the industries that we understand and do well. We develop relationships, understand unique risk, and address each client individually—walking you through the claims process step by step.

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Marine Insurance


We specialise in Marine Insurance and have considerable experience servicing the pleasure crafts, personal water crafts, commercial vessels and internationally based vessels. We can also offer policies for marine industries and marine tourism operators.

Manufacturing Insurance

Manufacturing Insurance

The Industrial and Manufacturing Industry covers a wide range of manufacturing services from the smallest, simplest part to the largest, most complex piece of machinery. Specialist insurance is required to ensure all risks and services are covered.

Hacker Insurance


Trending analysis predict that 4 out of every 5 businesses will suffer a cyber-attack or data breach. Hackers are increasingly targeting small and medium-sized companies and causing extensive damage to computer networks and systems resulting in downtime, loss of business income, possible breach of privacy laws and repetitional damage. 

Super Fund Assets


Effective 1 July 2016, new and existing collectables and personal assets purchased by a fund must be insured in the name of the fund within seven days of purchase. High Net Worth and SMSF has been our specialty for more than twenty years.

Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance

Let us help you get it right the first time. Our Motor Vehicle Insurance include Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft and Third Party Only.

Home & Contents Insurance

Home & Contents Insurance

Home and Contents Insurance provides protection for your buildings or contents. The Buildings component covers your residential buildings, their fixtures, fittings and any structural improvements. Contents Insurance covers household goods or personal effects you own. 

Partner With Us


We specialise in assisting Earthmoving, Excavation and Site Preparation businesses with their insurance strategies, but we can support with any business enquiries whether established or new start-ups.


Commercial Property & Strata


Not all owners of units or offices (within a larger building) are catered for under a standard commercial property insurance policy. Commercial property Insurance is designed to protect the specific insurance needs of owners of units or offices.

Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics

Motor Fleets, heavy motor vehicles, commercial vehicles and earthmoving equipment are just some of the vehicles covered by a Transport and Logistics Insurance. We understand the complexity of this industry and works with our clients to provide complete risk management and insurance solutions.

Caravan Insurance

Caravan Insurance

Caravan insurance provides comprehensive insurance for your home on wheels. Regardless of whether your van gets towed around the country with you, or remains permanently in a park, we can arrange comprehensive cover for your home away from home.

Residential Strata Insurance

Strata Insurance

Buildings, common contents and common property are covered under Strata Insurance policy. Key Features generally include: fidelity guarantee, office bearers’ liability and personal accident cover, choice of liability cover, terrorism cover, no-loss sharing penalties for underinsurance and cover for loss of rent.

Home & Contents Insurance

Landlords Insurance

Landlords insurance provides cover if your investment property is damaged by tenants or fire etc. You can also choose to be covered if you are owed rent or are liable for medical bills.

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