Why Do I Need Insurance?


It’s a word that we collectively have mixed feelings aboutInsurance.

No one really wants to pay an upfront cost on a service where you don’t immediately receive something in returnwe get it, the feeling is mutual.

Perhaps we should think back to the time when someone you knew had a car accident, a friends business burnt down, or theft occurred. The first question on everyone’s mind was….

“Were they insured?”

We all cringe when we hear of the story about a ‘friend of a friend’ who went on an overseas holiday and got caught with a $5000 hospital bill because that $250 for travel insurance didn’t seem essential. 

You hate to think it, but how could they be so ignorant? We all know someone who has been caught out with an insurance horror story. 

Our Contribution

We need to ask the questionis going without insurance really worth the risk? Is it worth paying a small amount to protect your assets and peace of mind?

Life will catch you off guard, which is why it’s important to make sure that you’re prepared and protected when those times come. 

Don’t get caught without insurance, it’s not worth the risk. You can’t predict when that small insurance cost will end up savings you thousands, but you’ll certainly be thanking yourself when that time comes.

Get a quote today and gift yourself that peace of mind.

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